April 29, 2022 ‘Halal’ meat against Hinduism, Sikhism, restaurants must specify South Delhi body

‘Halal’ meat against Hinduism, Sikhism, restaurants must specify: South Delhi body

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The standing committee of the BJP-led South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has cleared a proposal that asks restaurants and shops to “mandatorily” display whether the meat being sold or served is slaughtered using the ‘halal’ or ‘jhatka’ method.

The proposal now awaits nod in the SDMC House, which is controlled by the BJP, after which it would become a rule.

“According to Hinduism and Sikhism, eating ‘halal’ meat is forbidden and against religion. Therefore, the committee resolves that this direction be given to restaurants and meat shops that it should be written mandatorily about the meat being sold and served by them that ‘halal’ or ‘jhatka’ meat is available here,” the resolution passed by the SDMC panel Thursday said.

‘Jhatka’ method is one in which an animal is slaughtered in one go, while in the ‘halal’ method, an animal is allowed to slowly bleed out after cutting a vein.

Standing committee chief Rajdutt Gehlot said, “Suppose a person wants jhatka meat but gets halal, then he will feel offended. So the idea is just to mention whether it is jhatka or halal. Secondly, if I have taken license of jhatka and I am serving halal or vice versa , then this will keep a check on such violations as such things are recorded while taking licence.”

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